Friday, January 12, 2018

11:15 PM, January 12, 2018 ---<<<( Dead of Winter )>>>---

Caught something, and it never left. I was thinking it was pneumonia.
Got a pneumonia shot and a flu shot. Had a runny nose for months and
months. Sciatica is acting up. Mostly in the ankle now, but also the hip.

Got a new kernel. 4.9.0-4-amd64.

Think I'll do an 'apt-get update && apt-get upgrade' tonight.
That'll take a few minutes.

Got some chicken strips at Grocery Outlet tonight, and 2 Coke Zeros.
Picked up 6 cans of clam chowder at $ .99 ea. Also looked at some cold
brew coffee, but it was actual coffee liquid not grounds 32 oz for $ .99.
Think I'll go back tomorrow and pick up some of that. I really dig cold

Been alternating between Yerba Mate, Rockstar and Diet Pepsi for
morning wake up. Haven't been drinking much of the coffee at group.
Been going way overboard with the cookies and stuff. back up to 260.
Back when i wuz doing my diet i was down to 215. So one can lose
weight on a strict diet.

Well, off to do that 'apt-get update && apt-get upgrade'!!

oodles and oodles of strudels.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Fun with the scanner.

Random Page from Eerie

Who would have thought that such a
cheap little throw away printer could
be so much fun. I'll be scanning pics
long after the ink is run out.  I'll be
scanning as long as the light bulb
turns on.

Having a little fun with the scanner.
I see that I can scan my documents.
This is a page from a comic book I
bought recently. Comic Book name
is Eerie Comics

I see it's been 1,400 days since the
operation. Seems like it was just the
other day that Vicki and I were running

1,400 days is over 4 years. Pesto is
gone now.  She got a good family after
she had her liver treated.

Well, I'm at the lowest weight since HS
265 was my highest weight and I'm at
215 now, so that's a 50 lb weight loss
I have about 165 as a goal. Had a nice
long talk with each of my my mentors
today.  As well as an hour session with
my therapist.

New kitties name is Aurelia pronounce
that Ore Eel Aye Ah.

she's been with me a little over a year.
She's about 3 years old the pound said
she was 2 years when i got her but how
do they know, just from wear and tear
on her teeth, she could have soft teeth
or she could have survived on a very
soft diet before coming to the shelter.

All is indeed well in the world with me.

Wishing you my reader the very best.
Maybe i'll make a podcast i dunno.
Enjoy the picture from the Comic Book
above. Since the scanner works so good
I might be able to make some prettier
pictures in the future.


Friday, February 27, 2015

The Ides of March

Well, things are going along swimmingly.
Pesto stopped eating, she lost a lot of
weight. I was very worried. I took her
to the Humane Society. They took care of
her. She was on a feed tube for a month.
Then,they took the tube out of her throat.
They showed me a video of her getting the
tube out.

Peter, my Mentor in our food group, lined
me up another cat from the Humane Society
and her name is Aurelia. She is 2 years
old and black as sin. She's petite where
Pesto was obese.

The VHF radio in the mobile is working
out very nicely. Ed, my ham radio buddy,
did most of the work installing it. I
like talking to Steve W6FYK on VHF when
i'm out.

The new cat Aurelia, is a real sweetheart.
She just loves to cuddle.

Peter helped me get a new vacuum from
Target. It's a Dirt Devil, and it works
very nicely. I had a little problem
assembling it. There was one screw that
was in the way, I unscrewed that screw
and it went together like a puzzle.
No idea what that screw was there for. If
I had read the manual there might have
been something about that screw, then
again there might not have been.

Have been reading from Hazelden Twenty-Four
Hour a Day book, 12 x 12, Big Book, and As
Bill Sees It. Trying for 2 pages from each
book every night.

I'm trying to make a searching and fearless
moral inventory of myself. Need to sit down
and write it out, so far that's been elusive.
I guess, I'll get on that. Also, need to mop
the kitchen.

I gave the bicycle away. I have given away
a computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse to
Allison. Also, I've given away 3 keyboards.
I need to give away some more stuff.

March is here. I am cleaning house and
getting ready for Amateur Radio Field Day.
June 2015.

Need to get Aurelia some cat food today.
Should probably get her the stuff that's
scientifically formulated so that she
doesn't get fat. Also, fur ball control

'k, g'night

Friday, December 12, 2014

Looking back on 2014

Looking back on 2014

Good friend is incarcerated in a mental hospital, it's been
going on 2 years. I hope he's okay that can be a harrowing
experience. I know i was in the locked ward for 8 weeks.
That's nothing, i guess, barely time enough for the snow to
melt. Saw some professional body builder types they were
Navy boys. Such muscle definition i would love to build
like that. I remember how it burns to work your muscles.
Dad is hitting the gym three times a week and he's in his
mid seventies.

Well, I got my blood workup on Thursday, I should have
known not to do this going on a weekend. The nurses
went home and left me hanging for the weekend without
one of my primary medicines. The pharmacy is great but
they aren't open on the weekend or late at night. It's all
set up, to be as painless as possible.

Blake and I may be going trail busting next week, to see
first hand the effect of the rains upon the Laguna de Santa
Rosa I'll bring my binoculars and the HT (Handy Talky)
ask me about it some time, it's the ham radio version of a
walkie talkie, but it's more like a walkie talkie on steroids.
I'm running the equivalent of 3 AA batteries and i put out
around 2 watts, this lets me talk all over the county and
more. I've heard San Jose and Sacramento on our local

I came up with something to do with the bike instead of
just leave it sitting here all the time, my buddy Jake will
take it (he needs it)... For a while until he gets himself
a better one. So, tonight i'll pump up the tires and get it
ready for him. I'll meet him at Support Group and turn
it over to him.  He needs to return it after he gets a better
bike. He said that the cable isn't a problem for him he can
repair it himself at Community Bikes.

Looking Back On 2014

I would be remiss if i did not discuss the latest in the
ongoing saga of Pesto my tuxedo kitten (cat)...
She is only taking in liquids and very little at that. She's
lost a lot of weight. She still sleeps in my bed with me.
She even crawls up on my chest and rests there while
i'm trying to sleep. At least she doesn't weigh 20 pounds
any more.  So, i'm humoring her, this morning it was
cereal and milk, this afternoon it was the broth from
a can of salmon that i opened.  She wanted potato chips
but refused salmon. I don't know what's going on with

And back to the medicine situation. I haven't been
sleeping much, I laid down last night at 11:30 and
tossed and turned all night long until I officially got up
at 7:00 am.  I made a fruit smoothie and settled into the
computer for some peaceful quiet computer time.  I
noticed that Bonnie and Kat had been in Sacramento.
They left some very nice photographs on Facebook.
Bless them, both of them are great moms.  Kat finally
had to give in and get a girl doggy so that she could
have some estrogen vibes flowing in the QTH
(Household). All those boys and Kat.  How weird.

okay :)


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Leaves are turning to gold

Well, Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away. I'm not sure
which day it lands on but I know it's close.  All the trees on
Mendocino and Fifth have dropped their leaves. A friend of
mine is making some money sweeping up the leaves in front
of the businesses on 5th st. He also used to do the windows
along 5th st. Pretty enterprising guy, hope he made some
decent coin from those deals.

Pesto gave me a real scare, she stopped eating for a couple
of days.  I thought she had diabetes.  So i switched her
from dry kibble to moist canned cat food, and the change
was miraculous her dandruff went away, she stopped
shedding, and gained back some weight.  So, it's not even
that spendy. I can get big cans of cat food the same size
you might feed a large dog and squeeze three meals out of

Still haven't got the bike fixed.  I would really like to stop
procrastinating and do that once and for all. Allison says
she wants to ride the bicycle, to and from the WMCA.

Been making google eyes at a young gal from support
group.  I actually think she likes me for me and not for
something i can become or might be.

Missed group tonight.  Should have asked Allison to go.

anyway, i have to pull a pork chop off the stove. Oh,
yeah.  I bought pork loin at Cash and Carry. I can hack
a lot of chops off a single loin. I actually cut it in three
pieces and freeze two of them. Then I will take them
out of the freezer and let em thaw in the fridge for a
day or two and then i'm ready to saw off hunks of pork
chops at my leisure. Pretty cool.  Also been getting
salad dressing by the gallon.  I picked up a nice spice
the other day, it has cayenne pepper, sea salt and
lime juice extract totally organic, no chemicals and stuff.
I like it a lot.


Friday, October 17, 2014

It's mid autumn 2014

Mid Autumn 2014

I am asking in my meditation and prayer each day for
the willingness to release my old habits of eating and
the willingness to embrace new patterns.

Pesto is getting quite large.  I pick her up every once in
a while just to show her that I am a dominant male.
Other times I brush her completely from head to tail.

Looks like things are lining up for getting the bike
fixed this weekend.  I not only have a $ 20.00 bill I
have the desire and motivation to do it.  It's the same
thing I've described before, go to Community bikes and
pay $ 10.00 an hour for qualified help and hands on.

The Ford, the ford is behaving like a well heeled
steed.  It's really neat.  I like the cruise control it's
so much easier than feathering the gas on and off with
my foot. I just set the Cruise Control and let the
engine do it for me.  Also there is Overdrive available.

So, the plan for the weekend is to put the bike in the
back of the Ford and swing by the Saturday morning
food group, then make my way out to Wright Rd.
For the bicycle repair.  Needing repair is either the
front or the rear gear shifting, I can't remember at
this point.  Allison wants a bike, too. So, I can just
take her down there and we can both work for 5
hours and get her a $ 100.00 bike.

I haven't procured a new bird yet.  I look at the
empty cages all the time and wistfully remember
Burdy Burd.  He was such a trooper.  He was
great.  He could even say, 'Hi Burdy Burd'.

I have been Skyping with my Dad quite often and
I find it to be a very nice form of communication with
close ones.  Also Skype with Alan S. KE6IDU.

Gotta get the ham gear together and get ready for
field day next year. I wonder if i should take the bike.
Might be cool to run around the lake and stuff for
exercise.  Boy this drought is really something the
reservoirs are all really low and the water table is getting
there too.

Anyway, g'night


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Writers block.

Writer's block is the bane of all who seek to put pen to paper. Whether it's your ideas, motivation, or just your brain causing it, here's a few tricks to breaking that block.
You're staring at your page and you just can't seem to get the words out. You have ideas, but they're stuck at the customs checkpoint between your brain and your fingers. We've featured a few of these before, but these are some of the best strategies to really get yourself through the worst of it:
  • Leave things when you're doing well: Force yourself to hold on the parts you're excited to write, and stop mid-sentence if you have to. You'll always be ready to come back and write more.
  • Just write anything to get the words flowing: John Brandon at Inc. breaks his writer's block just by starting to write anythingThis tip is the easiest to do. You can write something weird, funny, stupid, the most mundane thing in the world, or anything at all.
  • Write about how it feels not to be able to writeGetting those first few words down is the toughest part, but now there's no excuse because you always have something you can write about. It won't be good, but it doesn't need to be.
  • Keep an exciting scene or idea on hand: Jaime Todd Rubin at 99U recommends pulling out an emergency scene that your particularly eager to write. Whipping out an emergency scene can do three things for you: ensure that you make some sort of progress that day, reinvigorate your excitement for what you're writing again, and gives you time to see why you running in to writer's block to begin with. 
  • Maintain a writing schedule: When have a set time to write, your brain will get better at being ready to scribble coherent thoughts over time. All you have to do is show up.
  • Get verbal: Author Dayo Olopade suggests thinking aloud to get the creative juices flowing. Use a voice recorder and try and explain what you're trying to say out loud.
No matter what you're writing, it's a creative endeavor. We often get stumped when it comes to creativity because we're afraid that we aren't good enough, or that our ideas are bad. Embrace your bad ideas and get the words flowing. Eventually you'll have a fine-tuned, well-designed piece of work, but you have to spill the words onto the canvas first.