Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Allison mentioned Indian Summer.

September and all the students are back in school.
the Yaesu FT-2200 quit working last night.
The bike needs repair. I don't feel much like writing
right now.  I want to go camping. I should start
feeding Pesto individual portions twice a day.
I have a 1/2 cup measurement I could just use one
of those twice a day and she would be fine.
I'm thinking about sending the FT-2200 to HRO
in Sunnyvale.  The new truck is great.  It works
very nicely.  Aunt Bonnie is coming over soon and
I will put Skype on her laptop. That way she can
keep in touch with the cousins.

New Mentor Peter and I had a very nice chat
tonight in Cotati.  I had run out of brown rice and
was eating white rice but it wasn't healthy so I
have to get some brown rice tomorrow.  Brown
rice has some residual protein and a lot more

I've been picking up these Pork Tenderloins and
they go a long way of keeping me fed with meat.
I'll cut the usual tenderloin in three pieces and
put two in the freezer and keep one out and just
saw steaks off the end of the cut. They are so
juicy and tender, i can't believe it.

-marcus :-)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer is almost over.

Yes, soon summer will be over.  I have wanted to go camping,
but i can't seem to get my life in order, I just want to spend one
night in the tent, in my sleeping bag.  I see bundles of firewood
at the grocery store and think, "that's just what i need". They
also have Mesquite BBQ charcoal. I wonder what cooking over
coals would be like. I would probably sleep like a baby.

Need to get the bike fixed. I bought a pump for the tires. I don't
know for sure if i need new inner tubes or not. Both wheels are
flat. The back rack needs to be re-attached. The main problem
with the bike is that the rear gears need their control cables

Well, I just had a nice fruit smoothie.  I have yet to get the exact
amount of ice cubes for the perfect thickness.  I like it pretty
thick. Then it seems like ice cream.  yummy yummy.

Pesto the cat is doing okay but she takes after her master. It
seems that she could probably weigh 1/2 as much as she does
now and still be healthy.  But, who am i to judge?  She has food
any time she wants it, she has fresh drinking water.  And, I
give her loving when I can. She's a good kitty.

okay, g'night till next time.


Thursday, May 15, 2014

I am on a new path, this is a path that really challenges me.
It's a spiritual thing, plenty of praying and meditating. No,
Sugar no Flour. weigh and measure each meal.  I'm still
grappling with that, I want to rebel so badly. But i've been
pretty good about weighing and measuring.

Here I'll commit the food plan here tonight.  It starts with,

*** Breakfast
8 oz of sugar free fat free yogurt,
1 apple,
2 oz of steamed brown rice
2 tbsp of flax meal,
ice and water.  blended together smoothie style.

*** Lunch

6 oz of protein,
6 oz of salad
6 oz of vegetables
2 oz of steamed brown rice

*** Dinner

6 oz of protein
6 oz of salad
6 oz of vegetables
2 oz of steamed brown rice

No eating between meals, meals should be taken at the
same time every day so that the body knows what to

It's not some miraculous play that solves everything.  I
still crave foods that i can't have.  I still feel hungry
between meals.While nobody is perfect sticking to the
plan has obvious advantages, if not only for the colon
cleanse, then for the flavor of a lot of this food. I've
also been watching salt too, and without any junk food
what's actually going into my body is much healthier.
It's getting easier to prepare foods and what not.

One thing that bugs me is 6 oz of salad is almost a
whole bag of salad.  So, i have to either go over my
6 oz on the scale or put 1 or 2 oz of salad back in the
fridge for some other day.

I made my self some delicious oil and vinegar.  I took
a bottle of balsamic Vinegar and put 3 cloves of
garlic inside, then i did the same with a small bottle
of extra virgin olive oil.  The result is tasty and sorta
savory if that's a thing.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Remembering to journal.

Writing a journal is an interesting concept. It provides a
relief and can be a concrete way of  'getting it all down'
on paper.  Yes there's stuff that you don't talk about in a
public journal like this one.  Hey, there's stuff I don't
talk about anywhere.  That's why the release from blogging
is so rewarding. Here I go again without a topic. 

What are useful topics for me to discuss, food, my pets,
the vehicle, my bicycle.

I cooked a 9 pound pork shoulder last night in the oven
from 7:45 pm till 1:45 am. At 275 degrees. I used Honey
Mustard BBQ sauce on it and added some Sriracha to that
for a bit of bite. Sriracha is an Indian condiment, it's a
medley of garlic and red chilis. The only problem with this
is I tend to eat my way around the roast. Just eating up the
sweet parts and leaving the bland stuff for later. I also noted
that it's much better heated.  Right now I'm having a bowl of
instant mashed potatoes with salt and hand cracked pepper,
but I'm all out of butter so it's not perfect. I think in a few
minutes I'm going to have a fried egg sandwich. That'll
be very tasty, I have American cheese and mayo.

Birdy bird my Cockatiel died the day after they cooked the
apartment.  I took him out in his cage but i guess i brought
him back too soon.  Yeah the place was like a sauna and
I still didn't think he would be so sensitive.  I feel pretty
bad about losing him. He had been a boon companion.
For the better part of 10 years.  Pesto is a good girl too.
She doesn't beg much and just eats about anything I give
her so long as it's 'cat food'.  I tried giving her canned
food for a while, and gourmet cat food at that, to the tune
of $ 1.00 a day.  I'm sorry that was just too rich for my
blood, I went back to good old Purina kibble.  She's okay.
She doesn't howl like the old kitty did, I just thought that
the old kitty was in heat when she howled like that.

My Bike needs the rack put on the back.  I lost the screws.
That's a shame, cause the rack is useful. I'll look around
tomorrow and see if i can find the screws. I put them in an
Altoids tin box. I have the nicest seat on the bike.  It's a
gel padded jobber and it's very comfortable.  I just have
to carry an extra chain so that the seat doesn't get ripped.
It has a quick release on the seat post and can be removed
quite easily.  Maybe next Saturday I'll get the work done
on the bicycle.

Well, off the top of my head that's all i can come up with
tonight, so I'll sign off now.  Good night!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Meatball Sub

Well, it's almost been six months without bedbugs.
The bedbug guy from 'the hitmen' eradication team
will be here this afternoon, but i hope it's soon
because i want to go get a pizza at Papa Murphy.
Pesto is really plump, I wonder if she has diabetes
or a thyroid disorder.  She's so darn large and she
sleeps all the time.  It's funny, the sun is going in and
out behind clouds today.  I can feel the radiation on
my face when the sun is out from behind the clouds
and then a nice cool feeling as it ducks back behind
the clouds. I wish it would stay behind the clouds
all the time.

Had a meatball on dutch crunch, with provalone
and peppers and onions.  That is my favorite
sandwich, I currently like it even better than pastrami.
The meatball is very mild and soothes the stomach.
The meatball sauce is very moist and flavorful.
Don't get me wrong, I still like a Pastrami on light
rye.  But anyway there are probably a hundred
different sandwiches that are very tasty.

I started Javascript at Codeacademy.  I'm currently
stuck on lesson 13.  I have to write a program that
well, let's see...  Program that picks from 3 different
states. I can't remember what they are right now but
it's complex enough that I'm really scratching my
head over it.  Maybe I should go back to Python
another programming language. Which is slightly
more forgiving.

Wow, It's sweltering in here.  I wish the sun would
just go behind the clouds and stay there, I don't need
to be warm right now.  Sheesh...

Given some thought into getting a new rat.  I still
have not picked out a bird yet.  I did find some
arrows at Walmart.  I think i'll buy 6 arrows and
three broadheads and three target points.

Anyway going to go sweat in shame here, see ya.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thinking about turtles

Today I was thinking about turtles.  They are cool.
we had a pair of turtles when we lived in Campbell
Ca.  Seems that the guy at the pet store was a newbie.
He sold us some soft shelled turtles that were more
expensive than the box turtles we were supposed to
get.  They, called and we took them back to the guy.
We didn't get the box turtles after all.  They were
living in our bathtub so you know that wasn't going
to last.

I want to bake a Papa Murphy's pie one of these days.
Papa Murphy is take out pizza, where you get the
pie with all raw stuff, and bake it at home, they weigh
close to 5 pounds for a combination. They are BIG!!!
The only problem with this setup is getting the pie to
the apartment in one piece, being 5 LBS they are a
little on the floppy side.  The store I'm thinking about
is near the College on Mendicino. 

I picked up a new set of headphones with a boom mic
and a web cam.  To the tune of around $ 35.00 This
will surely help me make Video calls to family and
friends.  I don't know how else to describe them.
The cans (headphones) are comfortable, they fit fine.
The camera is a wee little thing, but it takes
exceptional video.  Who knows maybe some day
I'll be seeing you on Google Chat or Skype. 

Pesto is a heavy kitty, I was showing her off to Scott
in video conferencing last night, Scott gave me a walk
around tour of his flat.  She was resting on the arm of
my couch right behind my head. He said introduce me
to this kitty of yours, and i plucked her off the couch
and held her up to the camera and she wanted to get
down.  She comes up on the bed at night and purrs
her little heart out, but she hates to be picked up and
held.  I think it's mostly because of her weight.  She,
tolerates petting and brushing and like I said her little
motor really starts revving when she gets brushed or
any kind of attention.

Scott, was conducting the tour of his flat with his
iPhone, that was pretty cool.  Lets all hope that he
gets rehired by J.C. Penny, as a full time employee
this time, we can hope and pray for this.

Theresa, called a week ago, I'll have to give her a call.
I wonder if she has Skype or Google + hangouts.
Well that's about the sum and total of my free writing
stamina for today.  So, now a proofread and a publish.
And another post will be finished.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

.22 ruger airgun

Yes, I know I get it, you need to write every day.

I will try hard to write more as days go by.  Facebook
is great, everybody is so nice. I'm going to be doing the
Skype thing.  I think that once my dad has his Skype
set up we can talk for less on the Skype line.

I just recently installed Skype and had a lot of problems.
Then I checked in the 'unused desktop icons' folder and
found that I already have Skype installed.  I tried a few
contacts and there was no connection. Don't know
what's going on with that, but I'll try some more later.
Seems to me like it kept stalling at the 50% mark.  I think
it's $ 3.75 for a month and $ 20.00 for a year.  I just
wonder if they would take a traveler's check or a money
order.  Sure hope so.

I picked up taco shells, a quart and a half of double
fudge brownie ice cream, ground meat, grated cheese,
romaine lettuce, a turkey breast, a rack of ribs, some
cat food and some kitty litter.  That was all at Target.
Of course the reason i was at Target was because I
wanted to pick up a bread making machine. They
didn't have them or they were all sold out.  I'll call
back and talk to customer service about a rain check.
The ribs are pretty much thawed.  I'm thinking about
just putting them in the oven at 200 degrees for like
5 hours.  They should be done by then.  Not much
meat on these pork baby back ribs anyway.  I ate the
whole quart and a half of double fudge brownie ice
cream.  A quart of milk, 3 tacos with romaine and
grated cheddar and jack.  Then I jumped in a hot shower
and soaked until I felt like a wet noodle.  That left me
dripping with perspiration.  Which strangely enough
feels real refreshing.

I misplaced the screws to screw the bike rack onto
the back of the bike.  I want that so that I can hang
paniers on the there.  So far the bike only has 2 speeds
slow and slower.  It's okay, I'll get around to getting it
fixed sooner or later.  Was going to pick up a Ruger
.22 cal Airgun but there's no place to shoot it. So I
might skip that.  It's not like they are going to stop
selling air guns.

Pesto is obese, I can't believe that didn't trigger the
spell checker, 'obese' apparently that is the correct
spelling.  Nice that there's a spelling checker built into
this blogger.

Well the blog started quickly, and now it will come to
a rest as quickly as it got started.  Look for more in the
future.  I'm all in on this Blogging adventure.  Hope that
something comes of it.  Toodles TTFN